Loss Appraisals

The automobile damage appraiser is accountable for determining the repair techniques to accurately repair the vehicle and prepare insurance forms to indicate repair costs or cost estimates and recommendations. They also consider the options that you choose under your auto insurance policy.  As an independent appraiser our responsibility is to provide a fair and reasonable value of repair or market value of an item based on current market average standards.

Whenever an accident or damage is caused to your vehicle or equipment, the insurer usually contacts your damage appraiser to assess if your damaged unit can be repaired back to pe-accident condition or, at what amount is your vehicle or equipment declared a total loss and not repairable or worth being repaired. After evaluating these factors and the damage the appraiser will forward the information to the insurer so they may proceed to settle your claim.

Our skilled specialists can handle the most challenging technical hurdles by gathering all the information and data required for an insurance claim or dispute. The damage appraisals for automotive claims done by our experts are mainly related to insurance companies however, can be handled for all individuals as well.

Regardless of vehicle or any personal property damage claim, our range of vehicle damage appraisal services are comprehensive, commercial, and process-driven. They include:

  • complete image documentation
  • detailed explanation damage
  • details around pre-existing damages
  • plausibility
  • the actual loss
  • observations around overall condition of the vehicle

With regards to a total loss claim we provide a detailed valuation with supporting data as well as necessary Ministry of Transportation Branding forms.

We handle any/all aspect of the claim that is required and fully understand how to mitigate costs on behalf of the claim payee. We complete tasks behind the scene with regards to vehicle owner contact, vehicle release, salvage pick up and remote decisions all tailored to each of our clients individually based on requirement in order to have as efficient cycle time as possible.

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